Guide To Choosing A Memory Foam Mattress

spa memory foam bed

Memory foam is made of a material that is really out of this world! Invented in the 1970s by NASA researchers, Temper Foam was created to pad the seats of astronauts. The material needed to be one which could withstand the very strong negative G Forces which occurs during lift-off as well as violent vibrations when hurtling through space.

The researchers managed to create polymer foam which could conform to the body shape of the astronaut thus fully wrapping and protecting the bodies of the astronauts. The foam also had the ability to return to its original shape once the weight has been removed. Due to the foam’s capability of changing its physical form slightly depending on the heat applied to it, it worked as a great padding material which softened with body heat thus evenly distributing weight.

Here’s a great trivia. Although originally created by NASA to be used in space shuttles, it was never actually used in one! This was because the original material was never perfected! The memory foam created then was brittle and broke down easily. It also released hazardous chemicals and unpleasant fumes which would be very dangerous to use in a space shuttle where air is recycled.

memory foam materialNASA gave up on the material it so famously invented and sold the technology to a large European foam producing company, Fagerdala World Foams. This happened in 1980s and the company noting the promising future of the material began various experiments to develop the perfect material for consumers.

They managed to successfully do this and in the 90s, memory foam exploded as the must-have material. They made everything they could out of memory foam. Mattresses, pillows, shoes, helmets, vehicles and even animal prosthetics used memory foam. The best memory foam mattress is one that provides adequate support whilst maintaining comfort. There are many types of memory foam mattresses sold in the market today and it is worthwhile to do a little research before you head out to buy one. If you select a memory foam mattress that caters to your needs, your sleep will improve by leaps and bounds.

As memory foam had the natural ability of conforming to the users body shape, it was used widely as a pressure relieving material. It is ideal for bedridden patients who would often develop bedsores due to pressure points forming with normal mattresses. Memory foam was able to distribute weight evenly thus removing pressure points.

Memory foam is however very heavy. We would not recommend transporting it to your home by yourself. Always get the professionals who have heavy duty tools to do the transporting. It may not look like it, but memory foam mattresses are insanely heavy! Someone dear to me nearly broke his back carrying the mattress back to his home.

Another downside to memory foam is that it changes slightly depending on the heat. Where there is heat, the material would become slightly soft and mushy. On the other hand, it becomes very firm when it is cold. Many consumers do not like the hard beds they have to get into on cold winter nights. One great way to overcome this problem is to add an electrically heated mattress cover on top of the memory foam mattress. This way, the mattress will be warm and soft, just perfect for you to snuggle in during the cold winter.